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Kneeling has long been thought of as impossible after a total knee replacement. In this video we discuss this as it may be within reach after all! A simple change has allowed us to improve our patient’s ability to kneel after surgery

What is the prosthesis made of

All of our knee replacements are Cobalt Chromium. The plastic is a highly specialised polyethylene. The composition of the implant is designed to increase longevity. Under an electron microscope, the surface of a CoBalt Chromium implant is extremely smooth. In a knee replacement, there is no metal touching metal, as the plastic sits between it. 

For more information of knee replacement composition – visit this link

What proportion of patients can kneel?

We estimate that roughly 80% of our patients can now kneel after their procedure. Some factors that decrease the ability to kneel include other incisions/cuts on the skin that are placed at the front of the knee. 

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