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Closing the skin is an important step in a hip or knee replacement. It is the last part of the surgical procedure and accounts for some of the important elements in how the soft tissue heals. Whilst we do not cut or detach any muscles or tendons during a hip replacement, and we only cut alongside the patellar on a knee replacement – there are a lot less sutures as we are not re-attaching structures due to the preservation of these structures during surgery.

Learn about some of the key elements of the skin closure, what technology we use to improve outcomes and how it relates to the method of hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery that I perform.

Can I swim after surgery?

Whilst the skin closure is multi-layered and very protected from the outside elements, we advise no swimming for 4 weeks post operatively. This includes any hydrotherapy pools, personal swimming pools and the ocean. It is easy for water to find its way under the dressing, which may bring in bacterial elements and increase the risks of infection. Whilst the dressing is waterproof, it will not be able to withstand large volumes of water, hitting it repeatedly, which is why it is advisable to try not to soak the wound or let water hit it directly. You can still shower, but just be more cautious about allowing water around the dressing, or underneath. 

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