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In this short video I discuss some of the considerations when embarking on a total hip replacement or total knee replacement. Often age is a factor when patients attend our clinic, asking, are they too young or too old for a joint replacement. Whilst there is no “ideal” age, we would generally look at other factors more than just age itself. This short video goes to describe some of these. 

What is the oldest person you have done a joint replacement on?

I have a patient who was 96 years old who had her second joint replacement with me at that age. Her first was at aged 94, and she has done remarkably well. Age is not the sole factor in determining suitability for a joint replacement. General health is far more important. 

Have you not been able to perform surgery on someone due to age?

No, surgery can be performed at any age, however I have been unable to perform surgery on some patients, unfortunately, due to medical issues that precluded a safe anaesthetic. 

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