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Enhancing a total hip replacement through pre-operative planning is now at advanced levels, with accuracy to within 1mm utilising pre-operative templating, which is now 3 dimensional. Prior templating of hip replacements only relied on 2 dimension planning, which was prone to inaccuracies due to changes in how X-rays were magnified, or the rotation of bone. With 3 dimensional planning, each and every patient has a custom plan made to ensure that the implants chosen and positioned, are optimally placed, to increase the change of a completely “forgotten hip”. This technology is called Patient Specific Technology and requires a 3D scan taken pre-operatively, a full planning period where the surgery is performed in a virtual space, and then the production of patient specific jigs. 

How long does the 3D scan take

The 3D scan is fast – you would only be required to lie in the scanner for about 30 seconds whilst the special scan is performed. This is not an MRI requiring lengthy times within the scanner. 

Why do you do this for each and every hip replacement

We can never predict which hips will have anatomical abnormalities, or which hips may need to be altered to improve the position. It is true that not all hips will be unusual, but we find that up to 40% of hips have some kind of anatomical change that requires additional planning pre-operatively to ensure that each and every hip replacement is extremely accurately placed for that patient. 

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