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A total hip replacement is a special surgery – it allows patients to regain almost full function when it comes to their day to day life. Many patients go on to recover almost all of their pre-arthritic capabilities. But often, running is avoided. In this video, we deal with some of these aspects. Whilst the advice is generally, to do things within a safe zone, and running is generally considered “unsafe”, there is a small cohort of patients that most likely can run without jeopardising their outcomes. 

Can I do aerobics?

Yes, aerobics and other low impact activities are absolutely allowed, and recommended. Staying fit in life is an important part of quality of life and maintenance of functional capabilities. Doing things to maintain this is very important. 

I jog slowly, is this allowed?

In general, running or jogging is not recommended, however if you are a very fast walker, this is absolutely allowed. The impact is what we are trying to avoid. Being a slow jogger, can be the same, low impact activity, so this should be assessed by your physiotherapist to see if you are capable of running with low impact. 

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