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Reduced Hip Pain

Rapid recovery after surgery

Low Dislocation Risk

Few Post Operative Restrictions

Quick Return to Function

Fast return to normal activities

What is Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery?

No muscles are required to be cut to enter the hip. Potential benefits reported in the literature include shorter hospital stay, shorter rehabilitation and decreased post operative pain.

Purpose built instruments and devices are used to maximise precision when performing a total hip replacement. These help to minimise the amount of soft tissue damage during surgery and allows excellent visualisation.

X-rays used during every operation confirm alignment, leg length & accuracy of the hip implant. This enables small changes to be made to maximise accuracy of the final prosthesis.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery - Anterior Approach


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Approach for Total Hip Replacement Surgery
There are multiple approaches used to obtain an excellent result from Hip Replacement Surgery. There are advantages of each one. Dr Liew only performs the Direct Anterior Approach for primary (First time) hip replacement surgery. Few patients are not suitable for anterior approach surgery.

The Australian body of hip replacement surgeons agree that the best approach is the one that your surgeon is well trained in, and comfortable with.

All patients are recommended to seek multiple opinions from Medical Professionals, Physiotherapists, Family, Friends and other Patients in order to determine what is the best option for them.

Do I need a Referral
A Referral to see a Specialist is required. A GP is a good start in determining if you need to see a surgeon at all. Once they have determined that you need a hip replacement, a referral is made to an orthopaedic specialist.
Do I need Private Health Insurance?
Private Health Insurance is required to see Dr Liew.
What Should I wear and bring to my first appointment?
  1. GP Referral letter
  2. Private Health Card and Medicare Card
  3. Wear Loose pants or shorts.
  4. Recent X-rays and relevant scans of your hip

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