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The Bikini incision for Total Hip Replacements

There are many approaches to the hip joint to perform a total hip replacement. Some of these were discussed in this article here. As a hip surgeon, it is important to know and have experience with all hip techniques and approaches in order to be familiar with the...

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What is the best approach for Total Hip Replacements?

There are many approaches used to perform a total hip replacement. This article outlines the common approaches, and lists some of the risks and benefits of each approach. Over the years, I have utilised all of these approaches or have studied them extensively. I still...

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Hip Operations – No Laughing Matter

Hip Operations are serious matters, and all care and respect for the patient, procedure and post operative period are the highest priority. Dr Liew has chosen his team to reflect this mantra, and hopes that this is seen by all patients, every time. On a slightly...

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Rehabilitation after Hip Arthroscopy

The rehabilitation goals after a Hip Arthroscopy (Key Hole surgery to the hip) are to maximise the gains obtained from the procedure, but minimising any pain in the process. The main difficulty after hip arthroscopy is minimising inflammation caused by too early...

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EVENT – Modern Hip Replacement Techniques (Seminar)

Dr Chien-Wen Liew will be presenting on Total Hip Replacements and Minimally Invasive Surgery. A talk aimed at patients and their families to attend to learn more about the options for Hip Arthritis. Dr Liew will be joined by Anaesthetist, Dr Andrew Fah, and The...

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What is a Hip Approach

Deciding on whether to have a Total Hip Replacement can be a daunting task. There are many choices which allow patients to decide what method of Total Hip Replacement they would like. One of the benefits of the modern age, are that patients can now read about the...

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