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Military Service

Dr Chien-Wen Liew began his military service in 1999 where he joined the Adelaide University Regiment and was  selected for the First Appointment Course,  as a  General Service Officer. During training, he was awarded with the Award for Excellence – Student of Merit at Recruit Course (1999). After 18 months of training, he graduated from the Royal Military College of Duntroon and was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps in 2001.

As a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry Corps, Chien-Wen led his platoon during the following few years, training soldiers for combat scenarios. He was promoted to Full Lieutenant in 2002 where he continued working in Delta Company. In 2004, he was awarded with the Award for Excellence – Most Efficient Officer.

In 2007, Chien-Wen Liew was awarded the Australian Defence Force Medal, after which he was promoted to Captain in the Royal Australian Army (2008).

Due to continued work pressures, and the inability to continue in his combat serving role, Dr Liew transferred to the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps in 2009. Since joining RAAMC, Dr Liew has reduced his commitment to the armed forces to focus on perfecting his orthopaedic care, and looks to reignite his affinity for the armed forces when he is able to.


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10/27th RSAR Dr Chien-Wen Liew Pro Patria
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