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Thankyou for being a part of an important process, where we enhance, improve and build upon advances in Total Knee Replacement surgery. What you are about to receive is the latest adaptation in knee replacement surgery – a small modification that further enhances the already fantastic prosthesis that we have been using for many years. 

The changes to the prosthesis were made due to feedback from myself, and other surgeons about some improvements that could be made to improve upon the prosthesis design. Small changes that were tested, researched and discussed over the years of using the current implant. This is a progress change, whereby we pool the worldwide experiences of all the knee experts from each country, and create a small change that will hopefully result in an enhanced result. This occurred as well, many years ago when we first started using the MyKnee Sphere. 

The new implant that is being trialed is not vastly different o what we have been using thus far, but modifies it to have it custom features designed to be specific to KINEMATIC alignment. This means that the prosthesis is designed specifically for this alignment protocol (something that I have been using as an alignment for many years now). This hopes to address some of the shortfalls in current prostheses designs, specifically in bone coverage, and a more specific version of the implant, made just for this purpose. 

I am excited that we will be on this journey together and thank you for taking an interest in receiving the most updated implant characteristics on the market. I am confident that you will be pleased. 

Why is data required

Australian regulations are some of the strictest in the country and have become even more strict over the years due to previous implants that failed. This implant is already being used, but for it to be allowed to be used outside of specific surgeons and centres, it requires clinical data that is collected over a longer period of time. Currently it is only available to a handful of Australian surgeons and more, worldwide. Thus far, it is proving to be a great success, but data cannot be published without a worldwide experience. 

What are the risks of being involved

The only real additional risk is that the implant has unknown longevity data. This occurs every time a small change is made to an implant. It then requires years of data to show that it is a fantastic prosthesis. All new prosthesis, or even modifications of prostheses go through this process in Australia. Thus far, longevity data has been excellent. 

Do you still believe in the current knee replacement design

YES! Whilst I still perform the current implant design, it too, was new many years ago. Its design is fantastic, however with the advancements of technology, and the small change that can be made to make things even better, we are excited to be one of only a few centres in Australia that are able to offer this improved design to our patients for Kinematic Alignment. 

I have more questions

If you have more questions, please reach out to me directly by completing the contact form below.

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