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Script request

For Patient Script Requests

This script request portal is to be used during your first 4 weeks post operative period only and is only for analgesia (pain relief) requests. If your surgery was more than 4 weeks ago, please direct your enquiry directly to Dr Liew. This portal is not to be used for routine scripts that are normally completed by your General Practitioner. Your script will now be sent directly to your mobile as an SMS
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By clicking SCRIPT REQUEST below, I acknowledge that I have taken the above medication before, am not allergic to the medication, and am in my immediate post operative period. I understand that if I am suffering from side effects or have any concerns, that I should contact the clinic directly to discuss prior to requesting this repeat script. Scripts will not be provided via this portal if surgery was greater than 4 weeks ago. By clicking SCRIPT REQUEST below, I acknowledge that the medication is for personal use only, and is not to be used by any other person except that explicitly written on the script.

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