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We look forward to your upcoming operation. We have created some information for you to read about in the upcoming days. They go over things that we have gone over before, but allow you to watch it again in the comfort of your home. We will go over a few things relevant to your surgery, and hope you find it useful. Below you will find 2 portals – one for Total Hip Replacements and one for Total Knee Replacement. Please click the relevant one for your upcoming surgery. As always, if you have any queries or concerns, please contact us at any time prior to your surgery. 

We will send you an email and SMS 3 days prior to your surgery date. If you wouldn’t mind responding to the SMS so we know that you are aware of what time to come in on the day of surgery. This is called your admission time. For any queries on this, please contact us on (08) 7077 0158 and speak to Jalmin. 

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