When performing any operation, instruments are used during the case. This includes items such as Mallets, Drills, Osteotomes (Chisels) and more. Over time, these instruments become worn, which is especially evident in the case of precision instruments such as cutting blocks for total knee replacements. Over time, the metal blocks become worn down, and small imperfections cause the blocks to be less precise than when they started.

disposable instruments for total knee replacementsDisposable instruments have been one of the more exciting developments in knee replacement surgery. Due to the precise nature of patient specific technology in determining the size of implants being used, and what cuts are required, this enables the production of a “set kit” for each patient that decreases the amount of inventory required when performing Total Knee Replacements.

A knee replacement performed using disposable instruments means that for each and every knee replacement, a brand new set is created, which is made specifically for each patient, with the correct sizes etc to match with the planned implant. Some of the proposed benefits include the fact that the kit is sterile and has never been used in another patient. This decreases the chance that a failure in sterilisation may cause an infection. When using brand new instruments for every case, this eliminates the potential for any wear on the instruments being used to impact the final position of the implant. ie: it ensures accuracy for each operation.

Dr Liew has been using disposable instruments for every total knee replacement performed over the last 3-4 years, and continues to do so today. For further information, please contact the office on (08) 7099 0188.





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