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Many patients ask about what kind of prosthesis we use, so in this video we go into detail about the implant, its features, and some alternatives that are used in different scenarios. I will also discuss the weight of a standard implant, and look at some of the considerations when we decide to use various types of prostheses. If you’re about to have a hip replacement, this would be useful so you know what is about to go into you!

Can I have an MRI with a hip replacement?

YES – in total hip replacements performed by Dr Chien-Wen Liew are MRI safe. If necessary an MRI can even be performed of the total hip replacement itself. There is no negative interaction between the materials and the MRI. The metals will cause the image to be distorted immediate adjacent to the implant, so MRI has limited value around the implant itself. But it is safe. 

Will I beep at the airport after a hip replacement?

Yes! In most airports, the sensitivity of the metal detectors should pick up the hip replacement. Not to worry, you just need to advise them that you have a hip replacement in, and they will usually wand/pat you down. There is no card or letter that we as surgeons, can give you to make this any more convenient, so just advise them as you go through and it should not be an issue. 

What articulation do you normally use?

In general, we prefer to use a ceramic on ceramic articulation for in total hip replacements. 

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