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Rehabilitation post Hip Arthroscopy

The rehabilitation goals after a Hip Arthroscopy (Key Hole surgery to the hip) are to maximise the gains obtained from the procedure, but minimising any pain in the process. The main difficulty after hip arthroscopy is minimising inflammation caused by too early return to normal function. There is a lack of high level evidence supporting any particular rehabilitation guideline. This is made more difficult due to the number of different kinds of operations that may be performed inside the hip joint, that change the rehabilitation protocol.

It is generally accepted that a period of rest, with normal walking, and avoidance of hyperextension (Bringing the leg behind the body) is beneficial. In some cases, crutches and non weight bearing may be used to protect a repair.

Post Hip Arthroscopy, Dr Liew advises that his patients:

  • Walk as tolerated for the first 8 weeks after surgery
  • Ice the wound for the first 48 hours (On and off ion 20 minute intervals during the day)
  • Avoid any sports
  • Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time without walking (>20minutes)

For more particular advice, this is customised to each patients pathology and their procedure and will be reiterated the next day after the operation to the patient and physiotherapy team.

Dr Liew no longer offers Hip Arthroscopy for his patients, and chooses to refer them to surgeons who only perform Hip Arthroscopy. Dr Liew has a sole focus of performing only total hip replacements and total knee replacements. 

For the science minded:

Article on post operative rehabilitation after hip arthroscopy

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