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Hip Replacement materials are constantly evolving, with small changes leading to excellent results. The common held belief that a hip replacement only lasts 10-15 years is debunked with the longevity of a hip replacement showing excellent results in our literature. Read more about how long a hip replacement lasts here. The material selection in a hip replacement is surgeon and technique dependent but current evidence shows that the number of hip replacements is increasing in the world, but the revision rates are lowering, showing that at least part of the improvement is probably related to the material advancements. 

Can I have an MRI with a hip replacement?

YES – in total hip replacements performed by Dr Chien-Wen Liew are MRI safe. If necessary an MRI can even be performed of the total hip replacement itself. There is no negative interaction between the materials and the MRI. The metals will cause the image to be distorted immediate adjacent to the implant, so MRI has limited value around the implant itself. But it is safe. 

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