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How we are handling the COVID-19 health issue

Important – please read from Dr Chien-Wen Liew and team


Dr Chien-Wen Liew

Dr Chien-Wen Liew

Orthopaedic Surgeon - Hip Knee

A note from Dr Chien-Wen Liew and Team

The current COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) outbreak is escalating around the world. The numbers of potentially infected people have increased, and Australia has one of the lowest rates currently. The evidence, however suggests that this is NOT just a regular flu, but something that can potentially flood our hospitals with patients requiring ventilatory support. There are numerous examples now in highly developed countries such as Italy and France where there is a real risk fo health and life.

Dr Liew has examined all evidence and decided to instigate protocols to protect his past, current and new patients in light of evolving medical and scientific research. 

Please read below at our plan to keep our patients, staff and families safe during this time. 




UPDATE on 25 May 20

The following information is an update to our current policy. This is the latest advice and currently is to be used in preference to the below information which is currently no longer relevant due to the improvements in COVID-19 in South Australia. 

  • Patients are welcome to visit us at the rooms effective immediately. 
  • Telehealth consultations will still be offered if you wish. 
  • Our waiting room has been adjusted to accomodate social distancing requirements. 
  • Surgery has resumed with slightly less capacity. 
  • Patients who are on CPAP masks are currently not able to have surgery due to private hospital mandates (likely to change soon)
  • We expect full capacity to resume by mid July, pending the status of COVID-19 in Adelaide. 

If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on (08) 7099 0188 or emailing us using the email at the top of this page. 

What is our response

At this time, Dr Liew has decided to limit patient traffic through the rooms in Norwood and Southern Specialist Centre. Our current protocol is only having patients attend for their immediate post operative check at the 2-4 week mark post operatively. We have staggered appointment slots to reduce the number of patients concurrently in the rooms.

For all other appointments (new patients, review patients) – Dr Liew will call you close to your allocated time slot to discuss your condition and provide further care. You will NOT need to attend the clinic unless instructed to do so by Dr Liew or Amelia.

If you are unable to receive a phone call, please advise us using the contact instructions below.

Our aim is to keep our patients, their families, staff and ourselves safe during this pandemic. There is no cause for panic, but a measured, and sensible response to decrease the risks to all patients is required.

We thankyou for your understanding, and provide more detailed instructions below.

Please revisit this page as we will update this page as the situation evolves around us.




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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new patient - with an appointment, what will I do?

Dr Liew has asked all new patients to stay at home. He will be calling all new patients during your allocated appointment times, and discussing your condition, symptoms and going through all of your orthopaedic history. He will also be able to access 90% of all recently obtained radiology (within the last few years). For cases requiring examination, this can be done at a later stage as required. If surgery is required, this will be discussed and planned on a case by case basis. You will not incur any out of pocket fee for this phone call. Please allow a small window for you to be called of 30 minutes, as there may be delays in calling at your exact appointment time. 

I am a new patient - without an appointment, should I make an appointment?

Dr Liew has asked all patients who are not immediately post operative, to stay at home. If you would like to make an appointment to see Dr Liew, please call us on 7099 0188 and speak with Amelia to arrange your appointment time. Once you have this time, please remain at home, and Dr Liew will call you to discuss your clinical history, radiology, and symptoms, and provide a plan to go ahead. You will not be charged any out of pocket fee for this service. If surgery is required, this will be discussed and planned on a case by case basis. Please allow a small window for you to be called of 30 minutes, as there may be minor delays in calling at your exam appointment time. 

I have seen Dr liew and am scheduled for review

Dr Liew has asked for all review patients to remain at home. Your current appointment slot still stands, and he will call you to discuss your condition, around the same time as your previously arrange appointment time. Please advise us if you cannot receive a phone call or have limited provisions for this prior to your allocated appointment time. There will be no out of pocket fees for this service. 

I am a pre-op patient, about to be operated on. What do I need to do

All pre-op patients with surgery in the next 6 weeks (and beyond depending on the climate) are advised to SELF ISOLATE starting immediately. This means, staying at home with your family. Avoiding social gatherings (including family get togethers, church, sporting events or training, and any necessary social contact). This acts to protect you from being potentially infected, and therefore protects our staff, and all other patients. If you self isolate to the highest degree you can, then the risk of spreading Coronavirus is limited. Post operatively, we have instructed all patients to self isolate for at least 2 weeks post operatively, until  at least your post operative review. See below for more details on post operative periods. 

I have blood tests, xrays etc already organised, what do i do

All medical practices will have their own protocols to reduce the risks. Please attend as previously organised by Amelia. Ensure that you are attending either by yourself if possible, or with the minimum number of people. Ensure good hand hygiene after touching any common areas such as door handles, pens etc. You will not need to wear a mask unless YOU are sick. When you arrive home, wash your hands thoroughly with soap as the first thing you do. Do not eat, touch your face, or help others without washing your hands.  

I am in hospital, do I need to be concerned

Currently, there are no known cases of coronavirus in the hospital wards that Dr Liew operates at. Each hospital has been instructed to treat patients with a high degree of caution with respect to unnecessary contact and precautions. Hand sanitiser and simple hand washing, gloves, masks and eye protection are being utilised as necessary, in differing circumstances, depending on the risk profile. Avoid unnecessary visitors and if visitors are attending, practice good hand and face hygiene and avoid hand shaking, and close contact. Preferably, ask your visitors to stay at home, or stay at least 2m away from you during their visit. 


As Dr Liew has advised, please self isolate post operatively. Use this time to ice down, perform your exercises, and avoid going to social events, gatherings, or leaving the home. Ensure that your visitors practice good hand hygiene, and limit visits to essential times only. If possible, order essential supplies online, to avoid attending supermarkets. 

I really do need to physically see dr liew and team. what should i do

If there is a pressing issue, or if you have a medical concern that you feel needs review, please call Amelia to arrange a time to be seen. If possible, any information that can be transmitted via email (such as photos of wounds) should be sent prior to attending. If you are concerned, please do not hesitate to contact us as the situation is evolving and our staff have been instructed on how best to cater for your needs. 

Recent News

We have collated some important articles about COVID-19 that are shaping the way we are dealing with it. As a provider of state of the art orthopaedic surgery, at state of the art hospitals, we also want to ensure that we are proactive in our response to potential health issues – protecting the public, staff and ourselves in the process. 


We understand that the processes in place above may seem excessive or inconvenient, but the volume of evidence to act accordingly is compelling. Dr Liew and team wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused, but feel that taking a leadership role in this outbreak is what is necessary to prompt action within other fields of elective surgery. 


Our aim is to provide a quality service, ensuring that our past, current and future patients still obtain timely, and sound advice, and treatment in the same high quality care that we strive to provide. 


Protecting our patients and staff is our utmost responsibility and we hope you are understanding of these temporary measures, and continue to support Dr Chien-Wen Liew and Orthopaedics 360. 





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